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1. Should I register to use the web services?
It is essential to be registered in our system to use, but it is highly recommended.

Make sure all your information is correct because if a prize, we will verify your identity.
What can i play?

We are an official point of sale for state lotteries and betting. You can play the primitive, the Bonoloto, the Euromillions, the pool, the fat of the primitive in virtual format. You receive an email with the confirmation of the validation of the bets as the holder of them, this format is called virtual bet. You can also buy tenths of the national lottery, Christmas and Children"s in the same format, and if you want to receive them at your address, these are sent with urgent courier to your address. Shipments are 100% insured.

How can I collect the prizes?

At the end of a draw the scrutiny will proceed by sending an email with the results. If you have obtained prizes, these will be automatically entered into your trading account so that you can play again or withdraw said balance to your bank account. For this you must go to the section of my account-collect prizes and enter your data so that we can transfer the corresponding amount.

In the event of obtaining prizes over € 2000, we will contact the account holder to make the payment in accordance with current legislation.

JACKPOT17.000.000 €
Friday, 10/07/20
JACKPOT24.500.000 €
Saturday, 11/07/20
JACKPOT5.400.000 €
Sunday, 12/07/20
JACKPOT800.000 €
Friday, 10/07/20
JACKPOT1.900.000 €
Sunday, 12/07/20
IN PRIZES60.000 €
Saturday, 11/07/20
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